Monday, November 01, 2004

Kabissa 'Time to Get online' in french and english


I'm pleased to share the news that "Venez Sur Internet: Etapes
Faciles Pour RĂ©ussir sur Internet", the french version of Kabissa's
150-page Internet training manual "Time To Get Online - Simple Steps
to Success on the Internet", is now available. We are very excited as
this release means that Time To Get Online workshops will now be
possible in francophone African countries - stay tuned for improved
support for francophone Africa on our Web sites in the near future.
While tailored for African organizations, they are also perfectly
relevant and useful for nonprofits wherever they are in the world. To
learn more about the materials and to download them for FREE, click
on - or see both the French and
English descriptions of the materials below.

The translation/localization work was made possible through a grant
from the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA - see OSIWA, together with GTZ, supported our first
Time To Get Online Training-of-trainers workshop for West African
civil society organizations, which took place in Accra, Ghana this
past August. Participants in that workshop came from throughout West
Africa, and during the course of the next year will run their own
TTGO workshops. More TOT workshops are planned.

For follow-up, please click on or
write to Kim Lowery at

Best wishes,

Tobias Eigen

Tobias Eigen
Executive Director

Kabissa - Space for Change in Africa

Kabissa's Time to Get Online learning materials are the foundation of
our capacity building program. We developed the materials for use by
African civil society organizations. They are designed to be both a
self-learning curriculum and to be distributed during hands-on
workshops conducted by our training partners. After each workshop we
reevaluate our curriculum, adding or subtracting material to make our
program more effective. This fine tuning enables us to provide the
best possible learning materials and workshops as possible, tailored
to the needs of African civil society.

What do the materials cover?

The 150-page "Time To Get Online" materials are centered around the
five essential "steps to success on the Internet". The first half of
the materials is geared towards creating Internet-savvy activists.
The second half will help them to become effective Internet
champions, capable of leading their organizations through the
challenging process of integrating the Internet into everything they
do. The Appendices and accompanying CD-ROM (print version only)
contain a wealth of additional resources for continued learning,
freely distributable computer software and more.

How do I get Time to Get Online materials for my organization?

You can access the materials in two different ways:
1) Download them!
Downloading our Time to Get Online materials is FREE. The materials
are in Adobe PDF format which means that you need to have Adobe
Acrobat Reader to read and print them out. The compressed version
downloads faster, but requires a ZIP extractor.

To download the latest version now, click on

2) Order a print version.

You can also order a printed version of the materials. This print
version is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing additional learning
resources, Web sites and software. WE DO CHARGE FOR THE PRINT
VERSION, but just to cover the cost of publication and shipping.
Accordingly, the price charged for the materials depends on the
quantity required and how much it costs us to ship them to you. This
cost usually runs between $25 and $40 USD; please contact Kabissa at to determine the exact price and place an



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